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Welcome FFC member or candidate! I want to take a moment to tell you about my clan, the Ivalice Alliance. Just like FFC, we share a vision of having a Final Fantasy theme, but that's about where the similarities end. My clan has different ideals, and with that, we have a different mindset of how everything should be done. We have invested a great amount of time and work to create what we consider the best Final Fantasy experience on

The main ideological difference between the clans is that IA values respect over all other rules. Personal insults and bullying is not allowed in our clan, and our rule on respect applies to everyone in the clan including our leaders. FFC has earned the reputation of bullying around their members that aren't in their "circle of trust". Clan admins in IA are referred to as "Judges" while FFC refers to them as "Turks". In IA, Judges are evaluated every so often to ensure that they uphold the clan standards and ideology. In other words, if a Judge (IA) does wrong, they don't get away with it while Turks (FFC) can disrespect and treat their members however they please with no penalty. My clan rules are very simple, relaxed, and clearly stated on our website. You can take a look at them here (link opens new tab/window).

The structural difference between IA and FFC is also radical. There is an extensive personalized character development system created exclusively by and for IA. It is continually developed and refined which serves as the structural foundation for the clan. This system is centered around experience points which you are rewarded with automatically for playing WC3 ladder, SC melee, and simply posting on the forums. You don't even have to win to get rewarded. Losing yields points as well, although not as much. When WC3 ladder is reset, the experience points you received from it remain intact. Each character (or member) in the clan starts with 0 exp points at level 1 with a pre-determined job class based on the originating game the character is from. As you play games and post on the forums, your character will level up from the experience points they receive automatically. When you gain more experience points, your character will become stronger and your rank will increase. This system is completely automatic and requires you to do nothing on your end to validate your experience points. When you enter the channel, you are greeted with your rank, job class, and exp required to the next level to show your progress. In contrast with FFC, their rank system is a stock bot system with changed titles that make little sense for order and hierarchy.

Here are some sample cards to give you an idea of what the IA character system is like. These cards are all live from our character system. Click on a name to view that character's card.

Select: IA-Balthier, IA-Sephiroth, IA-Eden, IA-Shuyin
IA-Golbez, IA-Lulu, IA-Zack, IA-Squall, IA-Tellah

Here's a list of primary features you get from membership in our clan vs. membership in FFC.

Comparison Category IA FFC
Character System
Job Classes
Character Portraits
Theme Music
Consistent Ranks (Never reset)
Website with full integration
Active Forums - 100+ posts/day
Active SC Players
Active WC3 Players
Gamehost bot available to all clan members with 100% uptime
Clear Concise Rules
No Advertisements
Leaders address Issues
Frequent Updates
Functional Clan Events
Clan E-mail Address Provided (
Private Ventrillo Server
Private Team Speak Server
Open Clan Policy

I hope this page has helped you with your decision on which Final Fantasy themed clan you would like to be a part of. If you have any questions about IA, feel free to contact me via e-mail or My usernames are IA-Balthier@USEast (Starcraft) and IA-Balthier@Azeroth (Warcraft 3).